Explanation Texts


Explanation Text
An explanation text is part of a non- fiction book. It explains how something happens or what it is.
The features of an explanation text are:
  • A question as an heading
  • Introduction sentence
  • Diagrams
  • Flow charts
  • Technical words
  • Causal connectives- because, so, therefore
  • Time connectives
  • Write in the 3rd person (not about yourself)
3rd Person
Remember not to use the words:
I, my, me, our, we
Instead use words that are not about yourself:
he, she, they
Click on the picture below to practise writing sentences that are in the 3rd person.
 Free Animations
Flow charts
Flow charts can be used to show how something changes
e.g. the life cycle of a butterfly.
Look at examples of different life cycles below:
Connectives are words which join two sentences together. In explanation texts try to use ‘because, so, therefore’ as they
give more explanation to a sentence.
Practise writing sentences using these connectives and bring them into school for a house point.
Earn yourself 2 house points!!
Write an explanation text about ‘How a frog grows’. Bring this into school and you can have 2 house points.
Try to include all the features listed above.

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