Nov 09 2016

Weekly Update 7/11/16

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This week all the year 2 children visited Staircase House to learn more about the Great Fire of London. They were all extremely well behaved and enjoyed the activities they completed.

In numeracy we have been learning how to tell the time. this is something that many children find a little tricky. If this could be practised at home the children would benefit from this greatly.

In literacy we have been looking at using adjectives to describe and using expanded noun phrases which are when an adjective +adjective +noun are used within the children’s writing. Example- fierce, burning fire.

It was lovely to meet you all the parents evening.

The year 2 team.

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Oct 18 2016

Week commencing 17/10/16

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Well done to all the children in year 2 this half term. You have tried very hard and produced some fantastic pieces of work.

Over the holidays we would like you to continue learning your times tables and division facts. Remember to learn these off by heart so you are able to answer the questions without using your fingers.

Reading is a very important part of year 2 so please try to read your reading book and get your book signed. Answering questions about the text will help to check your understanding.

Hope you all have a lovely half term and have lots of rest so you are ready for next half term.

Thank you

Year 2 team.

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Oct 14 2016

Weekly Update 14.10.16

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We have been doing some tests this week in school and all of the children have tried their very best. Well done! We are very pleased with the scores.

Please can the children continue to read as much as possible at home as this helps them massively. We have also been looking at Autumn and visited Sandon Street to observe what Autumn feels and looks like. The children came up with super adjectives!

In Numeracy this week we have been looking at tally charts, pictograms and bar charts.

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Sep 23 2016

Weekly Update 23/9/16

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This week in year 2 the children have been learning lots of new skills.

In numeracy we have been looking at partitioning were we split a number into tens and units for example 45=40+5.

In literacy we have been using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to add more detail to our sentences. The coordinating conjunctions are and, but, or. The subordinating conjunction we have been using is because.

In topic we have discussed the things we might see in Bolton town centre if possible please visit Bolton so the children can feedback what they have seen.

Please encourage your children to practise their times tables and read at home.


Year 2 team.

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Sep 14 2016

Weekly Update 12.9.16

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Good afternoon, hopefully all of the children are now settled into the new routines of Year 2 and are happy with their new classes.
This week we have been doing all about aliens in Literacy, the children have been practising using capital letters and full stops as well as using ‘and’ to make their sentences longer. We have also been encouraging the children to check their writing to see if it makes sense.

In Numeracy we have been doing lots of number work including doubling and halving, greater than and less than, and ordering numbers to 100. There are lots of games available online to practise these at home.

We have started our new topic this week which is the local area. You could go for a walk around your local area with an adult to see what you can find.

Thank you for your support.

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Sep 08 2016

Welcome to Year 2

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A big welcome back from all the staff in Year 2.
We hope the children are enjoying their first week and are settling into their new classrooms well.
This week we have been doing position and direction in Numeracy.
The children have been using words like left, right, forwards, backwards, clockwise and anticlockwise and have been practising giving directions to other children.

If your child wants to practise this more you can download the bee-bot app onto your ipad or tablet for free.

Next week we will be starting our Literacy lessons and all children should now have a new reading book which they can be reading at home.

Thank you.

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May 05 2016


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This week there will be no homework for the children and their books will stay in school until next week.
The Year 2 SATS tests will begin on Monday so please can all children practise their times tables, spellings and read as much as possible in preperation.
Thank you
– Year 2 Staff

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Mar 09 2016

Weekly update 7.3.16

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In Numeracy this week we have been looking at addition and subtraction. All children should now be able to count forwards and backwards to and from 100 confidently. We have been looking at the written methods of addition and subtraction as well as learning how to use the inverse to answer a calculation.
For example:
7 + ? = 16
16 – 7 = 9
The missing number is 9.
We have also been reading and answering word problems to help with our reasoning skills.
In Literacy this week we have continued our work on traditional tales. We have been doing lots of work on writing then editing our work to make it better or correct any mistakes. The children have written their own version of the story Little Red Riding Hood.
In Science we have been learning all about leading a healthy lifestyle. It is important to have healthy meals and do exercise to keep fit. Children also need to make sure they are getting enough sleep as this impacts their focus.
As always thank you for your support.

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Feb 25 2016

Weekly update 22.2.16

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All of the children in Year 2 have had a super start back after the half term holiday!
In Literacy we have been looking at traditional tales and the beginning, middle and end structure. We have been learning how to use adjectives and expanded noun phrases (the beautiful, funny princess) to describe characters and settings.
In Numeracy we have been looking at the number system by partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and units and looking at how the place of the digit affects the value of the number (e.g 510, 150, 015)
In Key skills the children have been looking at making amounts of money so please do all you can to reinforce this at home. It helps!
Our Topic this half term is Heroes and the children are starting to look at the house point heroes in more detail. These are Parks, Pankhurst, Ghandi and Mandela.

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Jan 20 2016

Calculation Methods

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Please look at the calculation methods to assist your child with their numeracy homework this week.

Calculation methods

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