Nov 09 2016

Weekly Update 7/11/16

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This week all the year 2 children visited Staircase House to learn more about the Great Fire of London. They were all extremely well behaved and enjoyed the activities they completed.

In numeracy we have been learning how to tell the time. this is something that many children find a little tricky. If this could be practised at home the children would benefit from this greatly.

In literacy we have been looking at using adjectives to describe and using expanded noun phrases which are when an adjective +adjective +noun are used within the children’s writing. Example- fierce, burning fire.

It was lovely to meet you all the parents evening.

The year 2 team.

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  1.   Mohammed Humaid Mura year 2Bon 05 Jan 2017 at 11:25 am     Reply1

    Book-Sir lance a little and the big bad wolf
    By- Katherine McEwen
    Book review:-

    This is a story of a knight, princess,the big bad wolf and the cunning dragon. One day the knight sir lance a little went to hunt for his biggest enemy Huffalot the dragon in the forest. The princess Plum got the message about the knight n followed him on foot where she got bad wolf on her way and trapped her. The knight came and fought with the wolf but at the same time dragon came n helped him to rescue. Later knight challenge the dragon to fight but both were tired and agreed to put off the battle. The knight left with the princess back to the castle.

    My favourite character was the knight Sir Lance a little who fought the big bad wolf and rescued princess Plum.

  2.   AMEERA PARAWALAon 26 May 2017 at 8:05 pm     Reply2

    On Thursday night after mosque my mum and some of her friends were sitting in our big back garden eating take a way so I decided to join them. The best bit was the yummy delicious cheese cake and chocolate cake that was as gooey as slime.They stayed for a very long time I did not get to see them when they left because they left so late I had to go to bed.The next day was Friday and it was very hot and so sunny the sun was shining very bright and the sky was light blue.It was so hot I had to put sun cream on and put sun glasses on.We walked all the way to town and we had to do it quickly because I had to go to mosque at 4.30.We bought two short sleeved tops and a thin long grey cardigan.

  3.   AMEERA PARAWALAon 30 May 2017 at 6:51 pm     Reply3

    On Tuesday my mum and I decided to go to amazonia in town . First we went debanams to look at suitcases for when we went on holiday to India but we did not get one because we did not want to walk with it all the way back to our house and because they were very expensive .Then we went to amazonia we first played some hard golf after that my mum and I went on this fun choo choo train and one time I got to sit in the first little bit and it had a little red button that if you press it it will horn very loudly .Next I went in this huge adventurous play area it is were you climb up some ropes and in some tunnels and then there is some more ropes that you use to get across to the big ,long, metal and shinny slide that takes you all the way down to the bottom and then you start all over again.At the end I got a nice cool bubble gum ice cream that had a tangy blue cone because I was hot and sweaty and also because I was being good.

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