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Dec 12 2013

Robin Hood!

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  On Wednesday we went to the Octagon theatre to watch a performance of the story of Robin Hood. Did you like the performance? What did you like? Why? Post your comments here about the performance or anything else about Robin Hood you have found out.  

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Dec 06 2013


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In Science this half term we are looking at different types of materials. Look around your house. Can you find several objects that are made out of: metal wood plastic glass fabric Make a list of the different objects that you find.

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Dec 01 2013

Tell the time!

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This week in school, we will be┬álearning about telling the time in Y2. However, you can learn to tell the time at home too! If you have a watch or a clock in your house, try telling the time! Start with o’clock times then try half past, then quarter past and to. If you feel […]

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